Hey there! If you are visiting this page it means we see value in you as a San Diego blogger. First things first, although we would love to collaborate, it’s important for us that you understand how our service works as well as an overview of what we are looking for in this collaboration. We value you as a blogger and hope to be able to bring something to you as well. We encourage you to watch the video below but I will list everything below as well!




  1. Clients fill out a questionnaire online (www.mealprepsundaysandiego.com) which will ask them their physical attributes (gender, age range, weight) along with their personal goal (lose weight, maintain, lean out, bulk). Our system algorithm will calculate macro-nutrients for each person. Based on this information, the system received and generate a personalized meal plan and a personalized workout.
  2. You will choose between a 15, 10, or 5 meals a week or customize to any amount they want. You can choose what meals you want to receive (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Everything is customizable.
  3. You will receive your meal plan which includes meals for the week (macros included) as well as the schedule of when to eat.
  4. Documents sent to the client include meals for that week, a 90 day workout plan, snack tips, among other informational documents . I will send these as attachments.
  5. Every week our menu will change so the menu for the week will be sent prior to Wednesday. Clients can make any substitutions or edits to meals. Allergies are stored on clients online profile.
  6. Clients have an online account in which they can “freeze” their account for certain weeks, as well as update/change meals, everything right at their fingertips.

What’s in it for you as a blogger?

So you may be wondering, what is in it for me? There are multiple ways of going about this, we can either send you a few weeks of meals as compensation, we can agree on money compensation, or even create a blog about you/your brand on our website which would help bring in more traffic into your website. Our rates for these will vary based on your website authority as well as other factors we may consider.


If you are familiar with SEO, you will know that backlinks help in your overall website authority. Backlinks are other websites who have your website link on their page. This increases your website authority which is basically your websites importance to Google. The blog would not be to sell to the traffic on your website but ONLY for Google purposes. The blog doesn’t have to be on our meal prep service at all. You can make it on finding a meal prep service in San Diego or any general subject. The only thing that matters is that the blog meets our requirements.


  1. Use one of our keywords which are San Diego Meal Prep Services, San Diego Meal Prep Company, Meal Prep Service in San Diego, Meal Prep Company in San Diego AT LEAST five to six times including in the TITLE of the blog.
  2. Hyperlink our website at the bottom of the page: https://mealprepsundaysandiego.com
  3. The post is to remain on your website forever.
  4. We would like the blog and any post made about us to be nutrition and/or healthy lifestyle based. While our service can save you money, time, effort, our main focus is catering to each personal level.

Thank you!

We would love to send some meals for you to taste and ultimately portray on your blog post. It’s important you love the meals! Thank you so much for your time, I hope to hear back from you soon! You can reach me via the e-mail I initially contacted you on.