When you are trying to burn fat whether you are trying to lose weight or lean out, you need cardio. Today we will give you some key cardio tips. We will focus on what type of cardio is best for optimal results! HIIT which is High intensity Interval Training is one of the most if not the MOST efficient ways to burn fat. Although it’s a perfect type of workout, you need to build your way up. Don’t try to jump into curcuit type training right away. This will leave you feeling exhausted after only a week. We will go over the steps you can take to perfectly go about HIIT training. Our San Diego meal prep service would love to provide these helpful cardio tips in order to maximize your results whether or not you are using our meal prep service!


Cardio Tips!

Cardio Tips: #1

One of out main cardio tips is making sure you start with a steady type workout. What this means is starting with things such as walking, stair-master, elliptical, or any machinery along those lines. You should start off with including 15 minutes and eventually building up to 30 minutes. Every couple of days or whenever you see fit you should increase intensity about 20%. What this means is either increasing how long or how fast you do each exercise.

Cardio Tips: #2

After you have reached a level of proficiency in the previous workout routines you should start to incorporate a bit more intensity. What that means is jogging for a couple minutes then switching to running for a few minutes. Doing this a couple of times back to back will build your endurance.

Cardio Tips: #3

The next step would be to add higher intesity to those “higher” intensity intervals. Trying yo go faster on your “peak” is what this is reffering to. Being able to run faster or cycle faster in your peak moments will help with your endurance.

Cardio Tips: #4

Once you are accustomed to the first three steps it’s a perfect time to get into HIIT training. You should start by doing 5-6 exercises which target single muscles. These exercises should be done back to back with no rest in between, when done with those 2 min rest and begin the cycle again 3-5 times.

Cardio Tips: #5

Congrats! If you have reached this step, you are at your optimal fat burning process! At this point, you want to add full body workouts. Instead of having exercises which target single muscles having things such as squats, deadlifts and things of that kind is perfect. The same goes for these as previously mentioned, you should be able to do 4-6 exercises back to back, rest 2 minutes, and repeat. Once you can repeat this circuit 3-5 times you are burning maximum fat and are in the perfect route to burning fat!

Thank you from your local San Diego meal prep service!

Your local San Diego meal prep service wants to see you succeed in your fitness journey and it would be ideal to follow these cardio tips to maximize our services results!