Why season?

Have you ever had bland food? Bland food can be easily solved by adding spices to your food. You can opt to go by adding simple salt and oregano to dishes but being able to spice (hehe) things up in the kitchen will make meal-prepping a lot more enjoyable. I will go over some dry spices as well as some fresh ones our San Diego meal prep service uses. Seasoning is very important and will make all the difference between bland food, and delicious food.

Dry Seasoning

Dried herbs and spices such as thyme, rosemary, coriander, marjoram, sage, garam masala are perfect for chicken. These can be rubbed into the chicken, blended with some salt and create the perfect blend.

Fresh Seasoning

Some fresh herbs you can use are things such as thyme, rosemary, parsley, and tarragon. Our San Diego meal prep service uses thyme very often as it’s very universal and can be used in a variety of chicken dishes such as one of our staple Lemon Thyme Chicken. Thyme is very mild, not strong at all but gives the food a “woodsy” flavor. It’s also very popular among other types of dishes with meat or seafood.

Other Ways to Season

If you are looking to explore a little more things such as garlic, person or even garlic can be used! One of our most popular dishes is pesto chicken. This dish uses a blend of spices and the pesto gives it the perfect twist. Again, these can be used on other dishes. Pesto is also used in one of our steak dishes “Steak Chimichurri”. This dish delivers a sweet taste but tangy taste.

Our San Diego meal prep service

Seasonings can completely change a dish so it’s nice if you want to have a little variety for your meal prep. If you prefer more chicken, you can adjust your meals so you have various different seasonings for your chicken and don’t get tired of the taste. Variety is very important to be able to stay on track. This is something we focus on GREATLY in our San Diego meal prep service. Don’t be afraid to explore different seasonings and make your fitness journey a lot more enjoyable!