We know the journey to burning fat, more commonly known as “shredding” can be a difficult one. Being able to help our clients in their shredding journey is something we take a lot of pride in! We perfectly portion meals, prepare a workout plan in sync with the meals, and even personally guide you through your fitness journey!

Perfectly Portion Meals

To be able to perfectly portion your meals, we take your through a series of questions on our website. This allows us to specifically cater to YOU. We take the information you provide us and using our own personalized algorithm our nutritionists have created, we calculate your daily macro-nutrients (Protein,Carbohydrates,Fat) that you need to consume to achieve your fitness goal which in your case would be to maximize fat burning. Having this system allows us to directly manage your protein synthesis. We manipulate the protein and carbohydrate portion and source to increase this process. What this means, is that we are able to increase the rate at which your body both builds muscle and burns fat.

Workout plan

Based on the results from our system, we not only create a meal prep plan for you but also a workout plan. This helps you maximize your fat burning process. This workout plan is created in sync with your meals to help you reach your fitness goal even faster. Having this at hand eliminates any doubt from what you should eat to how you should workout.


Providing a meal and workout plan targeted specifically for you is perfect, but personally guiding you is even better. Along with tons of other worksheets we send you (snack plan to manage your cravings better, fitness blogs, etc), we are available to personally assist you with anything you may need help with. We are personally invested in our clients fitness goals and want to make sure we are doing everything on our part to not only provide the materials to succeed in your fitness goals but also provide all the support you may need!


Any Questions for our San Diego meal prep service


If you have any questions on service you can check out our F.A.Q. or contact us directly via e-mail or text/call at (858)433-6551. We hope we are able to serve you and help you on your shredding journey!