Our previous blog talked about getting the right amount of macros on a daily basis. Whether you are trying to gain muscle, loose weight, whatever the scenario you should always keep your macros in mind. Macros are very important to ensure you are feeding your body correctly. I will link below that blog incase you are unfamiliar with macros or would like to know more! Although it’s important to meet your daily macros, how you meet them matter as well. Having your meals planned out is ideal, but what happens when you get hungry in between? Incorporating snacks into your daily food is important to stay well.


Snacks like I said, are important to maintain proper nutrition. Meal prep company San Diego area don’t always see the importance of snacking. Snacks are a key to staying on track as they allow you to not be starving in between meals. This is also allowing for you


What Kinds of Snacks?

Although what you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner matter, so do your snacks. Best items to snack on are bananas, a cup of blueberries, an apple, a pear, 2 oranges or peaches, and even 2 whole cups of grapes. Although all of these are perfect, it’s important to choose ONE of them. Variation is very important for snacking as well. Consuming a banana every single time might not be the best idea. Switching it up from day to day is important to be on the best track for your fitness goals.

When Should I Snack?

The best time to consume your first snack is about 3 hours after breakfast. We recommend this because it’s the perfect timing; not right after a meal but also not starving you! After you consume your lunch would be the best time for your second snack. Three hours again the perfect time. Although many meal prep company San Diego won’t give you feedback on what to eat besides the meals they provide, we like to make sure that you are getting the most of not only the meals but are on track to reach your fitness goals!

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