What are Supersets?

If you follow our San Diego meal prep company on Instagram, you may have seen a story talking about super sets. One of our athletes, Cianna recently put together a superset workout for you all! So, what exactly is a superset? A superset is when two or more exercises that hit two different muscle groups are back to back with no rest. Supersets are GREAT to get your workout done quick and easy. Usually, you would do a workout like say heavy squats and instead of resting while you’re legs recover, you would use this time to do an upper body workout. Supersets are also done with related muscles. What does this mean? It’s common to superset say tricep and bicep workouts.

How do they benefit me?

Although supersetting workouts can seem difficult, you will learn that they are very beneficial. No only do they ramp up the metabolic stress of a specific portion of a training session, they maximize your time at the gym. If you have a short time to get your workout and wanna be in and out, supersets will be your best friend. Although this sounds great, you have to keep an eye out to not over-stress your body. Injuries are very common when using this type of training because many can misuse this method. If used with caution, your muscles will recover faster in between sets and get a killer workout!
Although super-setting workouts isn’t for anyone, we always want to give tips to everyone in different parts of the spectrum. Whether you do light home workouts, or a gym rat, we want to bring great content for you. Leave a comment below on something you would like us to talk about! Whether it be nutrition, workouts, or not even fitness related we wanna know what you would like to know about!