Training Volume, Recovery, and Overtraining

Training Volume, Recovery, and Overtraining The goal of this post will be to give you a good understanding about why and how a body makes changes in response to exercise ( Training Volume, Recovery, and Overtraining). This will help you understand why training volume and recovery are more important than putting max effort in the […]

Save Time and Money

If you are the type to have a really busy work schedule? Ever find yourself buying lunch or a lot of snacks for work? Or do you use up your gas and drive and spend up to 300 dollars a week when going to the grocery store? Or maybe you just find your self always […]

6 MUST KNOW to get results from your Nutrition and Training

Not everyone knows the most efficient way to get results in the early stages of their fitness journey. This is mostly due to the fact that they have not done enough research or may not know where to start. So everyone here at Meal Prep Sunday San Diego has decided to help out anyone that […]

Deficit: Local San Diego Meal Prep Service Gives You Health Tips

Staying in deficit, how our San Diego meal prep service helps you maintain this in a healthy range.

What is Deficit? Our San Diego meal prep service believes understanding deficit is the first step in your weight loss/shredding journey . Being in a caloric deficit is what makes shedding fat possible. Shifting your eating and workout habits to approach this deficit is key for it to give you a maximum effect. This process […]

Meal Prep Companies San Diego: What makes us different?

Why us? You may have heard of various meal prep companies in San Diego, but how do you decide on one? Are all San Diego meal prep services the same? What makes us different? All of these are very common questions which can help you chose a service you love and trust. Your health depends […]