Meal Prep Sunday Serving Seniors

Imagine a time when you were a just a baby and you started crying because you were scared of the dark. Who was there to comfort you? Imagine a time when you were a little kid playing and running around and you fell and hurt your self. Who helped you when were hurt? Imagine a […]

Packaging: How your local San Diego Meal Prep Company Packages your food!

Is packaging you meal prep any different than regular meals?

Why does packaging matter? If you walk into a grocery store, you will see tons of food everywhere. While some may be in bags, plastic containers, even in cans, have you ever stopped to think of why? Protecting food is essential in not only keeping it fresh for the consumer but also for nutritional value. […]

Meal Prep Companies San Diego: What makes us different?

Why us? You may have heard of various meal prep companies in San Diego, but how do you decide on one? Are all San Diego meal prep services the same? What makes us different? All of these are very common questions which can help you chose a service you love and trust. Your health depends […]

San Diego meal prep services using a vacuum sealer?

Do vacuum sealers help San Diego meal prep services bring you fresher meals?

Many meal prep services San Diego area use square containers to package their meal preps. It’s easy and convinient to package this way as it’s easy to stack in your fridge. This leaves for optimal storage. Although the shape is great, the method isn’t. These regular containers keep your food fresh for a few days […]