Targeting fat

Going about targeting areas you want to shed fat in is unrealistic. Can it be done? The answer is no. The same way you are unable to gain fat in a specific area, you are unable to lose it. It’s a very common misconception. Often, people think that targeting fat in certain areas should be done by overworking that body area. But, in reality things such as abs, don’t come by working out your abs day and night. Although being constant in your ab workout will promote your ab muscles to grow, this will not shed the fatty layer over them. So what should you do to spot reduce?

What our San Diego meal prep company suggest

So, here comes the truth, you CANT go about targeting fat. How great would it be to be able to do so, but in reality it all comes down to nutrition. Sure, we are a meal prep company, but nutrition is key to being fit. Being able to manipulate your intake both quantity and source allows you to burn fat. Burning fat is dependent on a key factor which is DEFICIT. Targeting fat is something our San Diego meal prep company or any service can do, but we can get you on track to doing so. We have created an in depth blog on deficit and how to stay in a healthy level. You ca find that HERE.

Working out

Aside from focusing on nutrition, you can manipulate your fat burning by the type of workout you do. Targeting fat is impossible, but promoting fat burning is possible. You can include things such as fasted cardio and weight training to your workout to achieve this. Cardio allows your body to burn fat as you are doing it. Fasted cardio helps promote burning fat by allowing the body to use your stored fat as a primary source of energy since this is done on an empty stomach. Weight training allows for you to build more lean muscle mass that in turn raises your metabolism and allows you to burn fat during the day. Your metabolism is a key to burning fat, so even if targeting fat is impossible, you can burn overall fat by using these tips. Hope we were able to provide some good information and make your fitness journey even a tiny bit easier!

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