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A few months ago, Forbes published an article about moving into the prepared food market (meal prep). We’ve been waiting for that and we knew it was going to happen. The way amazon moves into a new market is that they will buy one of the biggest companies in the industry. Then they will follow up with decreasing the prices to acquire more clients for unreachable prices for others companies in the same industry. That will cause a lot of companies to go out of business. They will eventually raise the prices that neither clients or local companies will benefit from this move.

Here is the article:

local businesses


How Amazon will make their move

Before Amazon moves into the new industry, a group of investor will start buying many local companies and merge them together in order to sell those companies to amazon. This move will not benefit local companies and the people. By local companies going out of business, on average 50 to 80 people will lose their job which their lively hood is depending on that. Which on a scale will cause a huge damage to local communities in san diego. And also, in the long run people will receive lover quality service at a higher cost due to the control of huge corporations like amazon.

UnityFarms investment group is the group of investors at the moment that is buying and merging local San Diego companies. As of right now they own 70% of the market, and if you are not using our service, then there is a high change you are using one of their acquired company’s service.

Why we declined their offer

Unity Farms Investment group attempted multiple times to acquire Meal prep Sunday San Diego. We declined their offer for two main reasons. The first reason is because of our clients and our community. We started Meal Prep Sunday San Diego to provide the best possible results and service to our community. And secondly, we declined their offer after they said that they didn’t care about customers, the service they are providing to their clients, and local San Diego businesses. They have told us that they use GUILT as a leverage to get you guys to buy their products.

Here is the text from the investors that we mentioned:
local businesses local businesses










Second Offer

After we declined their first offer, they tried to outsource their full production to Meal Prep Sunday San Diego due to the high quality of service and the results we get from our clients. Although it might have helped us financially to accept their second offer. Accepting that offer might have damaged to quality of our service and meals. So we declined due to the commitment of providing the best possible quality to our own clients.

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego Meal Prep Sunday San Diego Meal Prep Sunday San Diego Meal Prep Sunday San Diego





Here are some screenshots of their FAQ from their website.

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego

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