Our Meal Prep Sunday San Diego service

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego is primarily a health and fitness driven company. Based on your physical information and your fitness goals we will portion and choose the ingredients for your daily nutritional needs. This allows us to make a custom work-out plan and personalized meal plan just for you that will help achieve your fitness goals! All of the meals are delivered free of charge every Sunday in our thermal isolated bags between 3-6pm that will help keep your special meals fresh from our kitchen to your fridge. For optimal taste we vacuum seal and nitrogen flush your meals to keep them naturally fresh for up to 5 to 7 days. With our weekly rotating menu you will always have a variety of fully prepared tasty meals that will keep you from will getting bored of eating bland meals. Our meals are fully customizable for your convenience so that you are able to perfectly enjoy all of your meals.

How to buy your gift

Visit our website www.mealprepsundaysandiego.com and click on “ Find personalized meal prep plan” on the top right corner.

Input your recipients physical Information such as male or female, age, weight, activity level, and fitness goals.

After that you can choose wether to get them 5, 10, or 15 meals then click SUBSCRIBE!

After that, click on “my cart” on the top right corner of the page and then click on “check out” on the pop up window.

The next step is to scroll down after you have input your Billing Details (left side) and on the right side of the page you may write down your recipients name, address and when you scroll down there should be an “Order notes (optional)” box.

In that notes box you should let us know all how many weeks you would us to deliver the meals to your recipient and what date you would want use to start and stop delivering to them. Use our coupon code “GIFT” for 20% OFF on your first week!

Our Features!

Our Story

Before we started MPSSD in 2015, we’ve noticed that other meal prep companies at the time couldn’t provide clients with quality experience from beginning to end when it comes to nutrition, results, and changing their lifestyle overall. We believed that we could start a service for the people where they can get results from the meals, enjoying the taste, and enjoy the experience of the life style change they go through when they decide to change their bad habits.

Before starting our business, we did a test run with tons clients and found the results we were looking for. With a lot of research and testing we were able to come up with a simple mathematical equation that is able to help our clients reach their fitness goals. We have decided to based this around our culture of Good To Great where we make it a top priority to focus on the quality of our client experience when it comes to their results and satisfaction. With treating our own clients as if we were serving our own family, this has ultimately lead us to where we are now as a company.