Not every kitchen is created equally. We’ve progressed over our 5 years of operation and are proud to showcase the kitchen that we have created as well as the staff that keeps it running smoothly. In this blog, we will compare our kitchen to various other types of kitchens. Ranging from fine dining restaurants, urban diners, and of course meal prep services. It’s important to note that as a meal prep service we have to keep the meals as fresh as possible. Our meal prep service also provides a new menu every week. That comes paired with obstacles that our equipment helps us to overcome. Let’s start with what we think is the most important part of our facility, our system of industrial-sized fridges.

#1 Our System Of Fridges

Our Meal Prep Sunday headquarters house a total of 4 fridges. One fridge is dedicated to freezing our ice packs that we will get to later on in the blog. The other three are dedicated to storing our ingredients before, during, and after cooking. While most kitchens utilize a standard stand up fridge like the one in your home. Very few kitchens operate with a walk-in-sized fridge. Even less, if any, have a system of 4 fridges that function with the production flow. These fridges immediately house our ingredients when they arrive from local suppliers. As well as after they have been cooked and again after they have been plated.

We also utilize this fridge to house our staff on Sundays. They will work inside the fridge to pack your meals before being delivered. This helps us keep the ingredients as fresh as possible while avoiding the danger zone in food that encourages the growth of harmful bacteria. When it comes to meal prep services, there are many who neglect the fridge space needed to keep the meals safe and fresh. As we began expanding years ago we made it a point to attack this issue so we would not fall into that category. We have acquired around 800 square feet of fridge space in our facility. This allows us to comfortably store ingredients while maintaining an effortless flow in our production to minimize the time ingredients spend outside the fridge.

Like we mentioned above, our fridge houses our packaging staff on Sundays. This allows us to keep the meals as fresh as possible before we send them out for delivery. Leading us to our next comparison, the delivery process.

#2 Delivery Powered By Logistics

Our delivery process begins the second our meals exit the fridge. It is a time-sensitive process due to the delicate temperature that we have to maintain. Our deliveries are packed into thermal insulated bags along with ice packs that help to maintain the temperature while out for delivery. While most meal prep services and takeout restaurants use regular plastic or paper bags to deliver, we once again focused on ways to preserve the quality of the meals through quality packaging. We also analyzed various kitchens to pinpoint the reason for the loss of flavor and quality that can occur.

Delivery Time

We realized that other kitchens were comfortable with the ingredients staying out for the production process as well as the delivery process. While this may not be as big of an issue for restaurants given that the meals are served immediately. It proposed a huge obstacle for meal prep services due to the add on of the delivery time. On average our meals will only spend 2-3 hours outside the fridge for delivery. Whereas other services may not have the facilities to store the number of meals they produce as well as house an entire team for packaging staff inside the fridge. That time frame can be extended upwards of 8-10 hours from packaging to your doorstep. All this said the real comparison comes with our delivery logistics staff. We have a team dedicated to routing each drivers routes for the day.

Proper Routing

These routes are planned with various elements in mind. From route length to bag count per car, we think of every way to minimize the amount of time the meals are out for delivery while also maintaining an interactive delivery. Our interactive delivery involves our drivers directly texting you with an ETA text so you have an idea of when the meals will arrive. As well as a confirmation text to notify you when they have arrived. This helps reduce the amount of time your meal spend on your doorstep. While this is a luxury we’re very familiar with thanks to services like Amazon, Doordash, Uber Eats, and various others. It’s not one that is utilized by every meal prep service. Leaving you wondering where your meals are as well as risking temperature fluctuation that could damage the quality of the product. Our customer service staff and logistics managers work together every week to create a one of a kind experience just for you! Having the ability to hire a staff dedicated to delivery logistics is one we chose to take advantage of because we saw a large pain point in clients who simply wanted convenience from a convenience-based product.

#3 Comparing Ovens

common kitchen oven

Ovens are easily the most used piece of equipment after the fridge. It’s the heart of the cooking process and can make or break a kitchen’s efficiency as well as the accuracy of cooking. The picture depicted here is a commonly found oven in most kitchens. We also have an oven closely related to this one but also have an industrial-sized oven that rotates the ingredients in order to evenly cook the ingredients.

Our Industrial Sized Oven

This oven also has multiple temperature gauges that help track the temperature in real-time. Giving us an accurate and efficient method of baking. The oven came paired with its own insulation and ventilation system. This helped to reduce the temperature of the overall kitchen. Assisting us further in lowing the kitchen temperature to preserve the meals. The investment into a piece of equipment like this comes with a huge increase in flavor and texture for the meals. An oven of this caliber is a rare sight in any kitchen. We made it a goal to properly invest in the equipment needed to exceed your expectations and this oven is a key role in why we are able to satisfy our clients with every ingredient.

#4 Our Execute Chefs & Cooks

While having these high-end features in our facility is extremely valuable. It means nothing without a staff capable of using it to its fullest potential. Our kitchen is home to a total of four execute chefs. Some have successfully owned and operated restaurants into profitable territories. Others have been working in the industry for 25+ years. Combining this knowledge has led our team to new heights of production. Along with a staff of fully certified food handling cooks to cohesively execute plans. Most kitchens for both high-end restaurants and other meal prep services only have one executive chef leading a full staff of cooks.

Collaboration In The Kitchen

Due to the massive quantities that we produce, we needed a larger set of managers to lead our cooks. While these ranks of executive chefs to cooks may sound separated, it’s hardly the case in our facility. Some of our cooks have also led in kitchens as well as owning their own operation. Along with an environment that treats everyone with the same respect, we are able to collaborate on ideas for recipes and procedures. No idea is left unheard, we constantly brainstorm in order to provide higher quality meals. That transparency is what creates a cohesive bond to properly execute our tasks. Having a staff of experts at every level allows us to have different opinions or skills. This is especially critical because of our rotating menu. Having such a variety of cuisines on our menus means having a larger array of opinions adds value to each recipe. This kitchen is run with the highest standards and nothing less.