Many meal prep services San Diego area use square containers to package their meal preps. It’s easy and convinient to package this way as it’s easy to stack in your fridge. This leaves for optimal storage. Although the shape is great, the method isn’t. These regular containers keep your food fresh for a few days but not past a week. The reason? Oxygen. Oxygen is needed for many bacteria to grow. Things such as mold can yeast that are usually the culprits behind spoiled food require oxygen to grow. This can be taken care of by a vacuum sealer method.


So how exactly does a vacuum sealer work?

This method of packaging replaces the oxygen usually left in the container with mix of gasses including nitrogen. Although not all the oxygen is removed, oxygen left can be down to 3%. So, bacteria who need oxygen for optimal growth don’t prosper in this environment. What does that mean? You guessed it, longer longevity for your meal prep! Instead of like before when meal prep services San Diego encouraged you to eat your meal prep before the 5 day mark to ensure freshness, that time frame increased. This process will allow your meals to stay fresh for the entire week or even longer!



Well you might think, what’s the big fuss I could freeze my food and it would still be fresh for a week. Although that’s absolutely correct, the freezing of food is definitely a great practice to lengthen the longetivity, but it’s not the best. If you often freeze your food you know that the taste is not the same. On the other hand, if any of the San Diego meal prep services use a vacuum sealer taste will be intact. That being said, you will be able to eat your meals up until Sunday while having virtually the same taste as the day they were prepared.


Is it harmful?

Although it may sound a little odd, adding nitrogen to your meals is very safe and does not change the structure or nutrition of the food. Unlike preservatives commonly used in foods, this method is a natural way of slowing down the aging process. By doing so, you are receiving not only fresher, tastier meals, but also taking advantage of more nutrients. The aging or oxidizing of food causes nutrients to be lost, slowing down this process you are able to receive maximum results from our meal prep!

Why aren’t all San Diego meal prep services doing this?

Like you saw, there are plenty of benefits that come with this way of packaging. But, why aren’t more meal prep services San Diego using this method of vacuum sealing? Cost. It’s very expensive for the machinery, tedious, and time consuming. It was very difficult for us to implement this method as it took us well over a year to get everything set up for it. But, at the end of the day you receive some of the freshest meals possible!

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