Vegetables are a key factor when meal prepping. Although it’s pretty obvious that you need to include vegetables in your meal prep plan, not alot of meal prep company San Diego do it in the best way. Focusing on incorporating vegetables in your meal prep based on their nutritional value is key.

Whether you are going towards meal prep company San Diego area to burn fat or build muscle vegetables are an important factor. Veggies contain tons of fiber which make them hard to digest. Although this sounds like a negative, it’s actually a positive. Since it’s hard for your body to process it, you stay fuller for longer ultimately using less calories in the day. This allows for you to easily manage your calorie/macro count. Although veggies aren’t a vital component when trying to gain muscle, it’s still important for your body to function correctly. The fiber in these veggies can help with your digestion process and who doesn’t want that?

Tips from meal prep company San Diego on incorporating vegetables?

Even if going with a meal prep company San Diego or elsewhere, it’s always good to be informed. But if you are meal prepping on your own we can point you the right way! You may feel overwhelmed on what veggies to include, so we’ll give you a few pointers. Two important factors are longevity and protein levels. If you are preparing for 5-6 days, longetivity will be a main concern. Making sure your veggies are fresh by your last meals is vert important. If you don’t like your food, you will start eating junk food. Protein levels on a vegetable are also important. Having multiple sources of protein is important when building muscle! Taking these two into consideration will help you choose ‘great’ vegetables over ‘good’ ones.



A great vegetable to include in your meal prep plan is broccoli. The longevity is perfect, and it’s easy to cook. You can bake or blaunch but baking would be best. Blanching will cause vegetable to go bad quikckly. After 3-4 days, veggies will start to brown. Lastly, broccoli is a common veggie in meal prep company San Diego because it’s easy to incorporate in a variety of meals.

Asparagus is also a perfect vegetable for meal prep. As with broccoli, you can bake or blanch but for longetivity baking is the better option. Baking takes the water out of the vegetable which can make is less appealing but it will stay fresh for longer as well as be tasty. Asparagus is really high in protein which makes it awesome for meal prep.

Brussel sprouts are also a very good vegetable to include in your meal prep plan. If a meal prep company San Diego ads this vegetable to their meal prep do not run! Brussel Sprouts aren’t a popular vegetable but they will make you full as they are a very dense vegetable. If you aren’t a big fan of brussel sprouts, you can always use different types of seasoning for the taste. A perfect additive would be raisin. Even though it can be high in sugar, it makes the taste alot better. You can always ween yourself off as you start getting used to the taste of brussel sprouts.