Obsession with weight

When you are trying to lose weight, it may be tempting to weigh yourself every single day. Sometimes, one can focus too much on the weight on the scale, which is something you should steer away from. This can lead to you feeling like there is no change in the body and even discourage you to keep on track. You should track your weight right? Well, not exactly. Stepping on the scale of everyday, every week, or even every other week isn’t ideal. Everyday your body changes slightly due to small changes in your routine, but that is normal. Small things like eating food with a slightly higher salt content can cause your body to retain water. Other things such as lack of sleep, your menstrual cycle, or even stress can cause your body to retain water. This is important to note because it can lead you to believe your workout or diet plan aren’t working.


How often should I weigh myself?

As mentioned, weighing yourself too constant will lead you to believe you aren’t following the best fitness plan. Sometimes, your and diet plan is perfect, switching up because you stopped seeing results can actually work against you. Consistency is key, so instead of switching from diet plan to diet plan TRUST THE PROCESS! Weighing yourself ever once a month, same scenerio will give you the best results. If you weigh yourself the first Tuesday of the month in the morning before eating, try to keep that scenario constant.

Our San Diego Meal Prep Service wants to help you!

Although our San Diego meal prep service provides for you meal plans that go in line with our beliefs and knowledge of nutrition, we have one big advice for you; BE CONSISTENT. Most diet and workout plans will give you a result at the end of the day. Keep in mind though, just because a plan gives you results doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. Make sure you do your research on what you are doing to your body. But, ultimately we advise you stay constant and you will be onto a great start!

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