In the previous blog, we talked about how important it is to implement weight training. Although we are a San Diego meal prep service, food and exercise go hand in hand. That being said, we want to give few helpful tips which will maximize not only our meal preps effectiveness, but even if you aren’t using our service, your fitness goals in general.

Challenging your weight training

When you aren’t challenging your body, muscle simply won’t grow. If you are doing the same type, intensity, weight, every time, you aren’t challenging your body. In other words, you are wasting you time. Months will go by with little to no change. Maximizing your muscle building process isn’t only important because you want to build muscle, but also because you shouldn’t be wasting your time. Imagine, everytime you go to the gym was for nothing?

How do I challenge myself?

If you aren’t challenging yourself, it may be because you are unsure of how to do that. If you find yourself repeating the same exercise, stuck on the same weight, taking the same lengthy rest times, there are various variables you can change. Decreasing rest time little by little, adding a few pounds each time, implementing different types of workout, al these will challenge your body. Even lasting longer in the gym can challenge your body. Keep in mind, all these should be done in small but challenging increments. You can even increase different things at different times. You can implement different types of workouts such as supersets which our San Diego meal prep service has made a blog about. Even implementing HIIT workout, things of that sort will help maximize your workouts.

Why is it important?

Our San Diego meal prep service always focuses on building muscle, why? Building muscle inherently raises metabolism. Raising metabolism mean your body will burn as much fat as possible. Challenging your body not only maximizes muscle growth but fat burning process, two birds with one stone! If you are a beginner, you may want to start off with a certain workout routine and master it before becoming overwhelmed with different types of workouts, but it will create the most effective results.