Hello! When choosing a meal prep service San Diego, one of the things you should be focusing on is quality, quantity, and freshness. We are one of the only meal prep service San Diego that provide you with all of this on top on being delicious, filling, and ever-changing. Here at MPSSD we take pride in our efforts to be the best meal prep service San Diego and want to provide not only the best food, but the best service to each and every member of our MPSSD family. We welcome you with open arms and encourage you to submit your feedback whether it be a call, email, or text! Being the best meal prep service San Diego is the ultimate goal and we hope to accompany you in your fitness journey!

Quick Welcome Video From the Owner!

Top 3 Goals as a San Diego meal prep service:

1.Help you reach your fitness goal and feel fabulous about your body and life.

2.Assist you by allowing you to spend time on things that matter the most. We eliminate the shopping, cooking, and cleaning and bring your ultimate convenience.

3.Earning your satisfaction.

To reach our first goal, our website after receiving your information designed your meal plan based on the menu of the week with calculating your calorie and macronutrients (protein/fat/carbohydrates) to bring you your personalized meal to help you achieve your fitness goal. We portion your meals and on Sunday based on your meal plan.

For our second and third goal, we can tell you that we are experimenting, researching consistently to bring you the tastiest and the most efficient meals and meal plan to bring you the best result and most enjoyable taste.

Attached in Welcome Letter

1.Document labeled “Workout Plan” to this email. We would love to try to workout at least three days with that program to maximize the result of our meals preps.

2.Document labeled “Nutrition Timing” gives guidelines on how to properly manage when you are consuming not only our meal prep but also any snacks.

3.Document labeled “Training Tips” will cover maximizing your training for the best results.

4. Document labeled “Word of mouth” can help you save money while helping improve our meal prep service.


You will receive your meals on Sunday between 3:00 – 6:00pm. They will be in insulated bags with ice packs that will keep your food cold for 3-4 hours.

Changing Menu

We change our menu weekly to keep variety. (Menu is sent every week via email for review/make any changes)

Cancelling Subscription

If you want to pause your meal prep service subscription, you can send us an email or pause it directly from your account. Your order will automatically process weekly at the same time that you made your first purchase. If your first order was made after Wednesday at 12 noon, your order will generate every Wednesday at noon. We don’t offer any refunds on orders once they are processed.

Missing Mark

If we missed the mark on any of your meal prep, meal order will be included in your weekly e-mail.

We can’t wait to serve you and provide the best meal prep services San Diego!

Insulated bags/ice packs can be left out the following week for our delivery drivers to take care of.

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Again, thank you for your continued support!