Fully prepared meals are obvious in their values. They’re time savers and healthy…but is that really all you get when you subscribe to a Meal Prep Company? Not quite. There are intangible values that come paired with our San Diego based meal prep service, instead of talking about it ourselves we decided to reach out to some of our most loyal clients who have been with us for years. The responses truly brought our staff joy in knowing that we were tapping into so many different walks of life. While we see how valuable fully prepared meals are in the fitness space, we soon realized how valuable they could be in different lifestyles. Take a look at what they had to say as we elaborate further into the byproducts of our service.

“If you’re reading this and thinking about doing meal prep I highly suggest using meal prep Sunday San Diego!! It was super easy to customize my meals for my nutrition/fitness goals.  

I’m a father of four and work as a firefighter, so my home life and station life is super busy to have someone take on the roll to cook for me is a blessing. I have zero time!

I just finished my breakfast and it was amazing. The food was super tasty and filling.  
Thanks meal prep Sunday San Diego for helping me reach my goals.”


More Than Just Fitness But Life!

As you saw above fully prepared meals add more to your life than just a healthy alternative to unhealthy foods we often settle for. We are about providing a healthy source of energy through your day and making your day more efficient. Forget the time we saved you that would have been spent shopping, cooking and cleaning. This testimonial is evidence of something greater. Think about how many times you’ve seen parents come home from work and not have the energy to keep up with the kids or even just enjoy time with the family. Providing an avenue to gain back time in your daily routine that can be delegated back to your family is PRICELESS.

If hearing a firefighter/father of four give his perspective wasn’t enough, we have more points backed by science that you should read into down below.

Cognitive Function

Healthy eating has been scientifically proven to increase focus, efficiency and overall happiness. By getting rid of the meals that induce sluggishness through your day and replacing them with healthy properly portioned meals, you are able to give your body & brain the best chance at executing the important tasks ahead of you. Healthy ingredients and proper portioning is crucial for increasing focus and fully prepared meals are crucial for increasing efficiency. Studies have show that focus can increase up to 50% when on a healthy eating regimen. Productivity by up to 150% when introduced to a full staff of people all eating healthy and saving time spent on takeout.

Staying sharp and full of energy all day will ultimately unlock your full potential. In doing so you’re able to level up in every aspect of your life. Your work life will increase in productivity, leading to more career success. You’ll have more time to spend in other areas like hobbies and family. Overall increasing your happiness in life!

Having a healthy eating regimen not only increases productivity but can also help keep us emotional sharp. We’ve all experienced an episode of being hangry! It is scientifically proven that your emotions are swayed by your hunger as a defense mechanism that we developed from earlier humanity. That aggression that comes out as we get hungry is our bodies way of letting us know its time to find food and eat! This period of hunger is when we are most susceptible to settling for an unhealthy meal. Creating a cycle of good eating habits happens when you’re able to remain on track at your weakest point. The problem, finding a well balanced meal is not as convenient as its unhealthy counterpart. Until now! Having a set of meals already portioned and cooked for you with healthy ingredients is not just about convenience. Over time the regimen of eating healthy will increase discipline when you’re in the most vulnerable hunger state. Once you feel the confidence and clear headedness of eating healthy you’ll never want to go back. Just some food for thought!

“I love cooking but hate meal prepping (especially for two people) and was having trouble making healthy choices because of how much I dreaded my meal prep days. I would make the same thing again and again and got bored and I also was spending a ton on groceries – having a bunch of it go to waste because I couldn’t decide what new thing to make.”


The Byproducts

It’s more than just a healthy set of meals. It’s more than the physical. Overall eating healthy is how our bodies are supposed to live. We weren’t designed to intake the toxins and artificial components commonly found in unhealthy foods we so often eat. Our way of living was increased exponentially in speed, so a fast food option sounds enticing when it comes to timing. The investment of buying unhealthy food gets you instant gratification. Where as the investment of having healthy fully prepared meals is setting you up for momentum much further in life. It’s to provide you longevity in life, provide you with more time and overall increasing happiness in life.