You have your fitness plan, the new and improved grocery list with heaps of healthy options – now it’s time to meal prep! What is meal prep? It is everything and more when it comes to your fitness goals lessening those hit or miss feelings. Meal prepping is essential to seeing the results you want for your body and feeling like you’re actually progressing in your journey. Let’s talk about this big question and give you guidance to help you succeed.


What Is Meal Prep?


What is Meal Prep?

Meal prepping is a fancy way of saying, “food you’ve planned and prepped ahead of time so it’s ready whenever you need to eat.” Bye-bye not knowing what to eat, confusion on what food you should be eating for the day, and the guilt of constantly failing on your diet. If you’ve been throwing away tons of money because you buy groceries and end up never eating all of the food, meal prepping will save you money! Check out the article we wrote about “4 Tips for Meal Prep That Will Save You Money”. All food prepared is essentially measured out precisely according to your individual macronutrient requirements (we wrote more about macros in our article “5 Reasons Why Knowing Your Macronutrients Will Help You Succeed With Meal Prep For Weight Loss”) and will always be in relation to your individual goals whether that be fat loss or muscle gain.


How Can Meal Prep Help Me?

Glad you asked! Meal prepping is a way of life for people serious about reaching their fitness goals, so if that includes you, you definitely want to get on board. Nutrition is everything when it comes to fitness. The harsh reality is you will not get the results you desire by eating anything you want. You need to have discipline when it comes to your diet that can be developed by having a meal prep schedule. Most people take the time to meal prep for the week on a Sunday afternoon, while others meal prep once on Sunday and again Wednesday night to keep things tasting fresh, depending on what is prepped.


There is no right or wrong way to meal prep, so long as you are following your proper macronutrient requirements. Most people feel like they need to stay away from fats in particular if they are trying to lose weight, which is not the case! We wrote an article about “5 Facts that you need to know to about fat to meal prep for weight loss” to debunk this myth. It’s also a good idea to get enough protein to keep your muscle growth consistent and nourished so you can check out this article “5 Must Have Protein Sources For your Meal Prep For Weight Loss” for more information as to why.



What is Meal Prep? – An Effective Fitness Tool

Meal prepping will always be the holy mecca utilized by everyone in the fitness world who is serious about his or her goals. Once a routine is established, it becomes a way of life. The results one can achieve once nutrition is precise to fit their needs are worth it. You can finally have the peace of mind that everything you eat will eventually work for your and goals and not working against you.